Origin Express

Origin Express Digital Signage
The Origin Express digital signage solution from Origin Digital Signage has the two main components that make up digital signage – content management and file management – under one umbrella at a comparable and reasonable price point. There are also no contracts, and everything arrives on site ready for use.

Origin Express Digital Signage Features include:

  • Web-based management tools that enable remote management
  • Being ideal for single-screen applications
  • Drag-drop interface that makes it easy to manage design and content
  • Integrated media library for images, animations and video
  • Quick preview that lets you view sequences
  • Secure Internet application that lets you manage your signage network from anywhere in the world
  • File format support for the most popular image, animation and video formats (gif, jpg, png, swf, flv, avi, mov, wmv and more)
  • 1G of storage
  • Templates that can be adjusted to meet your needs
  • Unlimited Web and email support

Origin Express – the “light” version of the Origin Elite platform is part of Origin Digital Signage’s wide range of digital signage products. But we are more than just a digital signage store. Our clients appreciate the fact that we offer multiple services along with our products. No matter what business market you are in, whether you need help with designing your digital signage solution, help in learning what makes dynamic digital signage content, installing hardware or even if you need to be trained on how to use the software, we are with you from start to finish helping you through the process.

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