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With the rapid growth of digital signage, it has become more and more difficult for people to determine which solution would be best for their given scenario.  What makes this particularly challenging is the Grand Canyon that still exists between complex enterprise solutions and simple playback devices.  The former requires a unique skill set that isn’t easily learned while the latter inhibits your content management. To bridge this gap Origin provides solutions that have ease-of-use capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. This has been our focus since Day 1 and continues to this day.
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Having been involved with digital signage since its inception, we know what questions to ask and the routes to take when acting as a guiding hand towards a solution. This goes for a single screen, single unit jobs to large-scale roll-out projects and everywhere in between. Every situation is unique which is why we can provide only the digital software or anything one could need- design work, hardware, installation services, etc.

Origin breaks down the cookie-cutter solution barriers. We have open conversations on a case by case basis to make sure our customers are crossing off their list of objectives while doing what is in the best interest of their business. We recognize that the key to our success is our customer’s success which is why we are so heavily focused on working with our clients and not for them.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Origin Digital:

  • We’re big enough to handle any project but small enough to care
  • We’ve done exhaustive industry research, and we’ll pass it on to you
  • We’ve honed our product line to include only the most reliable components
  • We are exacting to a fault and incapable of cutting corners
  • We can personally handle site inspections and installation
  • We tailor our system configurations to your specific needs
  • We work with you to maximize your return on investment
  • We offer creative solutions and ongoing support
  • Our pricing is always competitive and fair
  • We love the work we do, and so will you!
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